Who is Maya? How will her story end?

So begins Maya’s story in a picturesque Indian countryside, where she grows up amidst cruelty and domestic-violence, being that unwanted girl-child. Yet, like a lonesome beacon beset by sinister wilderness, she pursues her dreams of reaching the stars with her tiny wings. One night, a twist of fate triggers a series of incidents, when she loses everything she had—even her virginity.

Severely traumatized after her father’s death, her mother’s imprisonment, and her own gang-rape, Maya finds herself all alone in the streets of Mumbai, with wolves lurking around for raw flesh. She’s weary, but not wary. She has no sense of the fate that awaits her. What follows, would change her life forever.

Can Maya be the mythical phoenix to emancipate herself from the unyielding shackles of a life where she dies every night? Or would she get lost in the sands of time like the ephemeral existence of a sand dune surrendering to a sandstorm?


Inspired by real-life events and true stories of survivors, ‘Her Resurrection’ bravely paints an appalling picture of the society. Heartbreaking, hopeful and immensely healing at the same time, this emotional rollercoaster through dreams, tragedy and triumph is a moving tribute to womankind. Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey with Maya?

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What do people say about Her Resurrection?

* “With this work – Ms Jyoti Singh, the India’s daughter revives! The author dedicates this work to her for her revival to stand back in society and secure a space for her (long after she has gone). She might have died but has risen again (in the name of Maya) and will continue to live and motivate us, as we find our hope of resurrection in light of ‘her resurrection’.”

P.B. Harjai, Books News India.

“Toni Morrison, considered as one of the best American writers, popped in my mind while reading [Her Resurrection]. Like Toni Morrison’s writing style, Soumyadeep Koley‘s in his debut is “stripped naked”, audacious, full of beautiful and inspiring snippets and thus engaging and compelling. In other words, it can be a candidate for an eye-opening book that can make a difference , not only to India but also to all nations. This is a novel we should give a round of thunderous applause and a standing ovation. Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Heed me folks!.” -Joey, world no. 33 book critic.

“The book is excessively inspirational and life changing. Readers would love the story as it has a power to change one’s way of visualizing a woman’s strength. Her Resurrection will leave you in a complete different state of mind.” -Salis Magazine India.

“This is such a powerful story that I recommend every one, every single human to read. Its not just a story which speaks about the survivor but also is a massive source of inspiration for everyone who at one point of time abandons all hope to pursue further even if they’ve come quite close to their goals and haven’t realized it yet. This book, this story in itself is of immense strength which will fill people not only the females but everyone with strength to carry on, till the end.

Somyadeep Koley, sir thank you for such a powerful story. After Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes, Her Resurrection touched me to my very core. Thank you!” – Neha Tannavi.

“I don’t think I’ve experienced so many different emotions in one book before. It was heartbreaking and inspiring and just beautiful. I connected with the main character, Maya, straight away and really got lost in her story. A wonderful, very special book.” -Kelly Jones

* “Her Resurrection is a gripping and often-shocking story that challenges the reader to explore the all too often ignored reality of sex trafficking. Koley’s writing brilliantly brings to life an account of courage, determination and persistence in the face of despair and heartbreak that touches something deep within the soul.”

-Robert Miller, Author.

* “Each page challenges the heart of the reader to guide the mind into a hammering perspiration that shatters a culture of violence against women.”

-Jason Jayology Jeremias, Founder and Artistic Director of Price of Silence, New York.
Author, Playwright, Actor, Director and Lecturer.

* “It’s an eye opener. It is a narration of apathy and plight of women who suffer the ordeal sullen and swollen. The story is not a story but it’s a crusade against the ruptured system and glaring eyes. It’s a spirited comeback along with multiple roadblocks which really define a woman in modern day dilemma and an age old phenomena”.

-Meghant Parmar, Author, and reviewer at Expressions: One Too Many.

* “We live in a country where women are worshiped in the form of ‘Devis’, but they are cursed when they take birth in their homes in the form of their daughters. Dealing with one of the most trending and significant topics of women rights, this book will connect with you deeply.”

-Mani Khanna, Blogger at Speaking my Heart.

* “The protagonist of the story, Maya, is a symbolic representation of the society, where female foeticide has an extension in real life, in childhood, in adolescence, even in mature womanhood.”

—Dr. Jadab Chatterjee, M.S
Professor, Department of Anatomy, Medical College, Kolkata.
Author and Poet.
* “This book is a sarcastic slap to the society, exposing the ignored realities of sex-trafficking, prostitution, and violence against women… [It’s a] journey from the filthy Dark past to the bright future…”

-Komal Priyani, book reviewer.

* “Resonant and deeply affecting. The story of one woman’s struggle through the dark subculture of society and ultimately her journey back into the light of salvation and acceptance.”

-Virginia Mackay, Women’s Rights Activist.

* “The author has successfully highlighted the issues that hamper the growth and survival of women. We know that women go through the wars but is ‘ending one’s life’, the only option left to surpass the pain and hatred towards oneself? [The novel] has something more to say on this. ‘Suicide is permanent’ but problems are temporary. Indeed, yes!”

-Enakshi, book reviewer.

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