Praise for the book

I know Mr. Soumyadeep Koley since the ‘90s. From his early childhood, he has shown an imaginative and creative outlook. He has deep thoughts and high scientific reasoning of his own. He has got a profound insight to analyse human mind. Evolution of human society and its transformation is nicely visualized in his shadowed mental landscape. What aches his sense is the feelings for the girl-children in India, unwanted, harassed and undergoing domestic violence from one and all. This ignites in him a solution for which he has created a pen-picture, shadowing the miseries of their lives in different social scenarios. The protagonist of the story, Maya, is a symbolic representation of the society, where female foeticide has an extension in real life, in childhood, in adolescence, even in mature womanhood. Feminity is cursed by birth, women are not accepted as a human being, but tormented as a mass of flesh in this materialistic android society.

This evoked in him the sense to stand beside the ailing humanity at womanhood. The heartfelt passion for them brought out a writer out of Mr. Soumyadeep Koley. The social background of this subcontinent mirrors the violence against women, which speaks of itself. If literature fails to portray the core truth, it becomes superfluous and a failure. Here, the well-chosen topic tallies to reflect the era of violence against women in India, and its girl-children. I hope this novel would come up with flying colours in near-future giving us all an ache that tricks, that evokes an opinion against mass female foeticide and sexual violence.


—Dr. Jadab Chatterjee, M.S
Professor, Department of Anatomy, Medical College, Kolkata.
Author and Poet.


“Her Resurrection is a gripping and often-shocking story that challenges the reader to explore the all too often ignored reality of sex trafficking. Koley’s writing brilliantly brings to life an account of courage, determination and persistence in the face of despair and heartbreak that touches something deep within the soul. In spite of the cultural context of India, this could, and all too often does, happen anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, for millions of women the story has no happy ending.”

—Robert Miller, Author.


“Sex work is the oldest profession in history because violence against women is the oldest human rights crisis in history. Soumyadeep Koley’s ethnographic fiction challenges the very essence of this conspiracy of silence, placing human faces and narratives over the shadows of the marginalized and dehumanised, turning the tables on entitlement and objectification. Each page challenges the heart of the reader to guide the mind into a hammering perspiration that shatters a culture of violence against women into the dignity and bravery lived out daily by sex workers.”

Jason Jayology Jeremias, Founder and Artistic Director of Price of Silence, New York.
Author, Playwright, Actor, Director and Lecturer.


“Resonant and deeply affecting. The story of one woman’s struggle through the dark subculture of society and ultimately her journey back into the light of salvation and acceptance.”

-Virginia, Women’s Rights Activist.


2 thoughts on “Praise for the book

  1. “Her Resurrection” is a beautiful and mesmerizing creation. Depicts the story of Maya so beautifully that it truly touches the bottom of your heart. Such a fantastic story it is, and it’s definitely worth a read…

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