Review from Priyanka Batra Harjai, Books News India:

Resurrection – what is resurrection? No, I am not demanding an explanation from you dear readers but am trying to hunt an answer with you all through this unique her resurrection and yes, one of its kind of book review on my blog. Please, do not get baffled up; the subject is grave and the situation is nothing lesser!

Literally speaking, resurrection refers ‘to act of revival of the dead’; to put this in simple words, I rephrase it as – ‘an act where the acting person (body or spirit) which is deemed dead is put to use (repurposed) one more time for the betterment of the society with added qualities. Yes, the explanation would seem to be a bit spiritual but it has much deeper implications across society. Read on to find out how.

Women have always been projected as the ideal image of love, compassion, patience and endurance but to what limit? When this limit is crossed by the beats of the society, she reincarnates -she resurrects! This story is about ‘her resurrection’.

She – the pen portrait of the author epitomizes – womanhood. He has crafted her to bear all the atrocities and hardships that a female could face in her life time and all that a beastly male would impose on her. He provides her with the filthiest profession on the earth, that could be thought of and she accepts it as it comes. Yes, she takes them all – head on (as her crafter expects her to) but only to be resurrected – to a new found purpose with a new body housing new found qualities! Body, yes – the evil term that every single man proclaims to be his and leaves no stone unturned to feast upon it. She was also made one such commodity, one more time but this time, is destined a bit different. All credit and Kudos to artsy FIRST TIME author – Soumyadeep Koley. He has put in deep thought in gifting a beautiful and an apt title to his work and thus, my effort to build a thought-provoking background to the book review.

He is a woman’s rights activist and his dedication is well seeped into his writing skills. The depth of understanding and documenting them into a decent and well-crafted anecdote is worth praise. His writing skills are impeccable and word selection is beyond criticism. Using these skills, he succeeds to claim your hearts and you feel to be an active part of the scenes. You feel as you are taking a holy dip with every single tear drop you shed while reading (you will, I bet). If this is his debut work, I wonder, what all he has to offer to his readers in his subsequent projects!

He has smartly packaged womanhood, violence, crime, rape, misuse and a proposition in life of his protagonist. His story is about her journey of rising despite all odds. She might have decayed after being destroyed; she might have felt maligned after being molested but he chose – her resurrection – a revival from the rot. Maya – the protagonist, might have ended her life or got lost within the dark but she came back – only to be used again but not this time.

In my opinion, the author attempts to make us understand that the act of resurrection brings something meaningful to pain and even death, which wrack the human race. He motivates us to face life’s difficulties and be victorious by finding motive for looking towards harder things in our life. Read it, like a second chance, an opportunity to take up anything that we might have left undone.

Do not consider this book to be worthwhile only for the readers who could be tagged as ‘victims’ but for others as well because it is ‘us’, who do not let them move on with heads high up. This book will help us in rising above mortality and mentally as well through understanding life and its course, at large. He attempts to make us delve deeper into her life and impart a meaning to ours surpassing our limits of imagination. At some places, you might feel the story to be dragged and a bit predictable but a connection of continuity prevails till the last page.

With this work – Ms Jyoti Singh, the India’s daughter revives! The author dedicates this work to her for her revival to stand back in society and secure a space for her (long after she has gone). She might have died but has risen again (in the name of Maya) and will continue to live and motivate us, as we find our hope of resurrection in light of ‘her resurrection’.

Under the influence of the book, I request the readers not to abandon the society we live in but to improve it in whatever small ways, we can. The fact is that we need to be involved in a positive way by working against the ‘evil’ and promoting ‘equal justice’.

This review would not be complete without the mention of the cover designer – Mr. Ammol Karambe and the publisher – Mr. Pulkit Gupta. They have been working tirelessly to offer quality books published in meaningful covers. This comes as one more round of accolades. Keep going team!

5/5 stars.



Review from Komal Priyani:

Congratulations Author for ur debut novel u totally nailed it..
To begin with, One needs a bulk of courage to write such a “sensitive” and “heart-tearing” story, We living in cacoons of our comfy lives are often tend to neglect the dark and crucial site of our society…This book is a sarcastic slap to the society, exposing the ignored realities of sex-trafficking, prostitution, and violence against women…
From Maya’s bravery to her “so called burden alcoholic Father”…From Mrs.Rani’s Unconditional love to Pawan’s,Shittuppam,Praveen’s,
Purushottam’s,Siddharth’s bad intentions ,From filthy life in Mumbai to Photographic life in Jaipur, From Princess to Prostitude , From Damien’s selfless support to Destiny’s harsh tricks ,To Ramasubban “reviving theories” to “Shimla accident”,this books is a Journey from the filthy Dark past to the brighten future…

Highlights of the Book:-

:-If she is virgin she is a candidate for the market of marriage ..(Gross girls are living beans not objects)
:-Wear any sort of clothes that make u feel comfortAble..Liberation lies in your choice so feel free to choose..(Are we really allowed to wear clothes of our they might say our clothes provoke them to rape us )
:-Women are meant to b submissive and docile..Women shouldn’t learn to read and write..Women shouldn’t wear western clothes .They should b married as soon as possible..She must live as a living-Puppet of her house before marriage, and her husband’s after that..(Can u imagine ur life without these puppets ??)
:-Like every girl,who tries to live on her own terms,get dominated by the society..They could insult a girl any day,but being insulted back by a girl was too much to digest..(Yea she gets raped, molested, teased for what ?? For her own rights for her dignity ??)
:-She loves,she creates,she preserves,yet she is immolated by repugnance and misogyny , we live in a culture where women and even little girls are eroticised for public entertainment..Its impossible to imagine being entertained without women being sexually objectified,movies,item-songs,magazines or erotic literature, yet Men thinks they are superior..What an irony !
:-If girls are raped u blame their clothes by saying she was wearing provocative clothes..What she was doing late at night ?? Can u tell me why a girl of 5 been raped ?? What u said clothes ??time ??…Its just because of some evil heads rapes are so prevalent and ever-increasing
:-People obsess over power, they kill and steal for power,but isn’t its strange how time is more powerful than us( Time may heal the pain but it wont b able to wash the scars for ur soul)
:-The positive attitude and strength Saadia has commendable (We are the scapegoats of the vagaries of men’s desires..wen a men is having sex with us, somewhere in the city , a girl is saved from being raped)
:-No matter how much wise men might say that money is nothing in life,at the end of the day,world will judge u by the amount of money u wield.
:-Wen ur running away from ur past, make sure u neva look back.If u do you’ll trip and fall n the demons would devour u ..
:-A drug addict can rehabilitate but a girl with dark past cant..a drug addict has the possibilities of being accepted by the society but a girl is always judged by this so called “patriarchal society” for her past deeds

Positives :-

:-Loved the authors command over english language truly commendable..
:- Hats Of to the author for taking such a bold step by writing such a sensitive story so beautifully ..

Drawbacks :-
:- That depression part and suicide part was bit stretched..

P.S :-Women see fight, periods,childbirth,abortion,eve-teasing,rapes,violence ,social stigma,breast cancer,Trafficked into prostitution..still why do society stereotype and say that men are stronger than women ??
Everybody wants women in their beds than why not in mothers womb?

Rating :- 4/5

Komal Priyani


Review from author and professional book Reviewer, Meghant Parmar:

There’s only one star that matters. A universe conspires together to let that one star shine or be brittle. The lust to live or the fear of death. The inkling of survival yet medium far from sight. This is how a girl transpired into a woman. From the dusty lanes of a village to the streets of Mumbai she ruled hearts. So what made this girl; circumstances or will power? Who was behind her apathy? How will she look out for herself in a mad hungry frenzy? Will she be devoured or will she rise from the ashes? That’s what the story is all about.

Snort it around, turn and twist it, bend and mold it, present it or tear it, the story holds true. It indeed captures hearts from the time the girl sets foot in this world. From the tiniest hues and cries of the family and bludgeoning noise of the society she is ready to tackle all. Her weapons innocence and her limited experience. Trust is secondary with survival instincts predatory. She faces barrage of problems yet she finds tranquil in the darkest of the corners. She cuts corners, left to fend for herself, has fade memories of her past, no swansong future and an uprooted present. The author let her go through the furnaces of hell before bringing out the best out of a girl transformed into a hardened woman. A stoned woman and resilient woman. It’s a powerful story with more emphasis on predicament and a way out of it.

The only possible downside of the story is it loses foothold over other characters. Maya’s mother could have been given some more space. Her character overpowers the presences of the rest.

All in all it’s her story. Solely and wholly belonging to the chastises and justice of the society. Self motivation, driven towards a goal to live and learning from crude and harsh experiences it conquers the fort with resilience. There is a hidden pain to her voice, shards of tears in her tone and shrinking world beneath her feet. But the “yet” factor keeps it alive. For good or bad it is for the reader to decipher but the book bears the brunt of all. The story is a live memoir of thousands suffering and millions conspiring to let them suffer. It’s an enigma of a single woman to let freedom be the spoke of her life and let others follow suit. A true bond and mesmerized experience.

4 out of 5 stars.


Review from professional book reviewer, Himani Gupta (

Verdict: Books on the life of women always touch your heart and this book is also in the same category. Wonderful Narration which will never let you put down the book till you finish it. The latter part of the story gives you hope to fight with your problems.

Review: “There is still magic in every day” This quote is fully applicable to this story. It means life is beautiful and never lose hope. Fight with your problems and you will surely succeed. That is what Author Soumyadeep would like to tell with the help of Maya’s story. Maya had a very painful life and she had to struggle a lot in order to win in the end. The concept was although not very fresh as stories of rape and prostitutions are written by many writers, but the best thing about this book is its wonderful narration and important message which Author had conveyed at the end. I as a reader fell in love with Maya’s struggle for life. It was emotional as well as will touch the heart of the reader. The cover of the book is beautifully designed by Ammol Karambe. The title “Her Resurrection” perfectly suited to the story. Yes in the end it was maya’s rebirth. The blurb and prologue will attract you to read the book at a stretch without any stoppage as it was wonderfully described. Maya’s and Damien’s relation were well presented. I like this line “One does not need a Master’s degree to excel in life. Experience is the greatest teacher.” Overall a Nice and wonderful book to read. Everyone should read it. It will change your perspective towards life. All the best Author. Keep writing…

Drawback: I wished her mother should be alive to see her daughter’s success. Her character was not properly defined.

(4 stars)


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